the characters



Det. Reno Gabriel.

After he'd shot his own father to save an innocent life, Reno finds himself the target of evil and now a provider of dark souls for the balancer of the scales, Ammut.

Reno makes a deal with her: He'll continue his task, if she can provide clues with her neverending deck of cards to the whereabouts of the demon who stole his father's Augustus' soul, the long dead high priest Zal'Zael. This partnership has dragged Reno throughout the world, but he's assured by Ammut that San Francisco will be the final battleground. That Zal'Zael will come to ground here...



One of hundreds of ethereal shadow-walkers that interact with humans. Some humans become enslaved, some become empowered, and some become pawns or providers in a picture bigger than those humans will ever comprehend. 

Unknown to him, Reno's father Augustus was Ammut's provider, but over time he'd lost his free will, becoming easy fodder for the demon Zal-Zael whisperings of a grander justice. By killing him Reno unknowingly was rectifying for Ammut's mistake. 

By doing so, Reno became the carrier of Ra, the light of justice, as they travel through the underworld of night. He became a magnet and target for evil, knowingly or unknowingly.

Ammut cares for Reno like a wayward pet...


Jack Ruby.

After work in Chicago became scarce in '33, Jacob Leon Rubenstein came to San Francisco, where, in between his stints selling race track tip sheets, his connections to smugglers and other underworld types makes him the perfect informant.

Although he feels that he's being used in some way, Jack does show that he has deep steel beneath his pudgy exterior from time to time.


Tess Althea Darcy.

When they were children, Reno saved the now orphaned Tess' life from his father, Augustus, who was possessed by the long dead high priest Zal-Zael.

Now a struggling actress and model in San Francisco, she and Reno orbit each other out of that common connection, or something more... 

Her constant luck, good or bad, constantly leads to trouble for her and Reno. 



In some long forgotten civilization, Zal'Zael was the high priest of the Ur-God, who granted him a form of immortality. After centuries, that civilization crumbled and vanished in the blink of an eye.

As Zal'Zael and the Ur-God drifted in the spirit realm, Zal'Zael slowly lost his humanity and desperately sought new flesh to inhabit and escape his bondage to the Ur-God.

He finally inhabited the body of a booze-hound doctor, but his soul is still bound to the Ur-God.

He has plans for an escape, but he needs time...


Mickey Minoso.

His face still bearing a good-bye gift from a Chicago cop, Minoso now runs scams and petty grifts in San Francisco, but after discovering that the boozy doctor he'd had holed up writing scripts has become possessed by Zal-Zael, he feels that his comfortable life is spinning out of control...


Dr. Livia Ravenscroft.

The extremely wealthy Ravenscroft family are led by Dr. Livia Ravenscroft, who had been experimenting on her two brothers, Nicolas and Damian, to save their lives. A proud eugenist, she sees no qualms in extracting raw materials from the herd of humanity to do so. 


Damian and Nicolas Ravenscroft.

Damian needs adrenal glands to survive. Nicolas requires plasma. Their sister Livia, with their help, collects the raw material from unsuspecting swains.

Soon after that little business is exposed, a now on the lam Damian finds himself being the bankroll and muscle for Minoso and Zal'Zael in a scheme within a scheme...

As for Nicolas? He soon finds himself going down Ammut's gullet.    

Abraham Deets.


A former golden voiced lawyer now at Alcatraz, he's offered a way to escape death row by the prison doctor, Dragamilliov. The only catch? He has to die first. The result being he's now encased in flesh akin to rhino hide, his eternal organs are now bakelite, batteries and copper wiring, and his voice is now gone.


Dr. Dragamilliov.

One of the dozens of technicians tasked with preserving the body of Lenin in 1924, the Doctor continued his work in preserving the dead, or those he'd helped get into that position. True, there are some bugs in the system, but science is always about improvement. In the meantime, he's embraced capitalism and is enjoying the supplemental income from well-heeled death row inmates. 


Hahn Albrecht aka Geistrom.

...through ancient and arcane writings, Geistrom has learned to collect the souls of the dead and uses their mass as a weapon.

As a disgraced member of the Studiengruppe für germanisches Altertum, he and other Nazis have banded together in San Francisco to work as spies and saboteurs. 


Geistrom, Ash, Kønig, and Garm.

An extremist offshoot of the Ahnenrbe, the secret Teutonic Bruderschafts-Liga aka Teutonic Brotherhood League is helmed by Donar Kønig, who is assisted by his mechanically enhanced manservant Garm and the deadly Valkyries. One of their experiments in creating a Tutonic Golem powered by plasma energy led to the creature known as Ash.  


Nigel Wright aka Hellgate.

In the slums of London, Nigel Wright finds himself the symbolic doorway to a demonic realm we identify as Hell, and now the target of old world Satanists who want to use him for nefarious means.

He escapes to the port city of San Francisco, but trouble, as usual, follows.  



1918. Sergeant Lance Oakes and a multi-national group of deserters and lost soldiers find themselves plundering a church catacomb somewhere on the Belgian Western front. Breaking open a sepulcher they find an ancient corpse among a cache of gold and gems. Lance steals an amulet around the corpses neck, pocketing it. 

But soon greed wins out, and three members of the band of deserters kill the rest to abscond with the treasure, then create a cave-in, burying their crime.

The amulet, however, bestows a kind of immortality. Lance, now a revenant, eventually, over the years, claws his way out, and begins to hunt his killers, now living respectable lives in San Francisco.


Gila Sonora.

A dapper and well dressed gunsel for the local Mexican gang, Gila packs a .45 and a poisonous bite. He soon becomes ambitious... 

K'Tau copy copy.jpg


One of the last of a race of people who can transform into giants of molten stone, K'tal finds himself the hunted and the hunter in the canyons of stone and glass. 



Akin to Ammut, he is another ethereal shadow-walker between the worlds, and ocassionally seeks Reno's help when his type go rogue on Earth.

He finds humans amusing, and has interfered with their lives from time to time. 


Talitha Cross, Mr. Pym, and Xamuu.

Members of the Triquetra, a global sorcery secret society that hunt and capture rogue witches and those who dare to harm the innocent, Talitha the hunter, Pym the researcher, and Xamuu the muscle often find themselves at odds with their masters.


After his father Céslav invents a Tesla-esque device to focus Earth-plasma energy into a weaponized suit, driving him insane in the process, his son Vilek Zîkan dons a similar suit to battle him, granting him the power to leap large distances unharmed and utilize plasma battle-clubs, but only for an hour at a time.

Vilek will eventually battle him to the death in Prague, 1938, as Pérak, the Spring Man.


Wearing his invention, Professor Céslav Zîkan eventually goes insane with literal power of near invulnerability and the power to create razor-sharp crystals instantaneously. 

Later, in Prague, he becomes known as the Razor Blade Man


Winter Dragon.

As a young thief known as Sung Chiang in 1906 Chinatown, Lao-Tzu Ng had foiled the resurrection of an Chinese immortal by the Judges of Hell in the catacombs beneath the city and barely escaped as the world cracked and burned.  

30 years later, now a herbalist, landlord and secret weapons master in Chinatown, he confesses his past to Reno as it literally rises from the grave. 

Kоролева шипов.

1200 B.C.E. Northern Russia. A sherpherdess is possessed by a spirit, becoming immortal. With her ancient magic she soon became the local warlord, conquering all. But soon her fiefdom descends into self-destruction and cannibalism. Five of her most trusted vassals bound and encased her in a spiked brass crate and bury her, but... 

1849. San Francisco. A ship's captain finds himself in the graveyard of ships cluttering the docks. He knows the brass crate he's transported is pure evil. He gives the local cabin boy his diary and logs. After the boy leaves, he takes an axe to the hull...

1936. The ship is discovered via a cellar tunnel. Now Red and White Russian spies, the cops, and the underworld are fighting to possess it and her power, but someone decides to open it.

She has long forgotten her name, but remembers the bloodlines of those who betrayed her.

Hijinks ensue. 




As a deformed child, Mason Tull was locked away in the junk-strewn basement of his grandfathers home. Eventually he learned to tinker with the abandoned machines down there, becoming the go-to person for criminals in the underworld. But soon he develops plans for his own kingdom...



Q. L. Keene gains the power to transform himself physically into any shape while in a dream state, causing havoc. 


The Ur-God.

To escape his bondage, Zal-Zael gives the long-forgotten proto god flesh, but, as these things go, things go bad...


Baron Samedi.

At first, Nathan Greene became the Baron as a scheme to gain power in the African American underworld, but soon he discovers that he has actual powers in raising the dead.

But way too late, he discovers that he's not running the voodoo show... 


Mr. Tic-Tock.

Originally an automatia for a vaudeville act, when his creator is killed by gangsters, Mr. Tic-Tock soon becomes a machine of vengeance. 



In an experiment gone wrong, Alphonse Carcano becomes one with the cancer that he'd tried to eradicate. He soon becomes a problem in the underworld he was exiled from.


Khepri, the Shadow.

In the waning days of the Egyptian empire, a corpse in a mummification soaking tank becomes possessed by something much older. It rises from the waters and tells the workers there to gather their centuries of plunder and sail away to the newer worlds. He calls himself Khepri, the shadow. 

3000 years later, the plunder has long become the basis of the mythical Shadow Bank, long used to profit from chaos and war and still ruled by Khepri. 

Angelika Todd.

When her family of travelling performers were tortured and killed by Stormtroopers in Poland, Angelika was left for dead. 

Now she's hunting Nazis in San Francisco. 

SinneBW1 copy.jpg


"If all humans sin, then eat the sinners."

The day of his father's death, Cary Bonchance discovers that his family has been the official sin-eaters for the illustrious and shadowy House of Marlowe family for 1100 years. Being the last in the line, he at first refuses to continue the task, but soon is tricked into consuming something over his father's corpse.

He is soon flooded with centuries of the sins and secrets of this wealthy family, and soon is killing and eating those members in the city.

...these are a few of the characters and plots I've created over the years. Last count there are 53 or so scenarios and accompanying characters i intend to bring to life, either here or somewhere else...